We can help you to find more affordable accommodation

Tango Camp isn’t just a unique event; it also offers extraordinary service that helps you find the perfect accommodation for your adventure.

When you sign up, you have the option to request accommodation assistance. Simply share your preferences and our team will work their magic, comparing your request with others and sending you a customized offer that suits your needs.

And here’s the best part: we’ve partnered with private lodging providers and upscale apartments that have chosen to collaborate exclusively with us, offering more affordable prices than other accommodations you can find.

In case you want our assistance, please register until June 5!

If not, you can find apartments and hotel options on


Sleep tight in the starry night!



1) In case you are coming with a group, and you want our assistance in finding your accommodation, you will have to do only one registration for the whole group (not individual registrations for each member of the group).

2) If you had registered until June 5, you will get offered options for accommodation until June 20 at the latest, but probably earlier.

We kindly ask you to be AVAILABLE around that time via your phone/Viber/Whatsapp/e-mail.

In case you register after June 5 we will also be at your disposal but with fewer chances to find adequate accommodation for you.

Since some of the facilities that used to be rented for the Tango camp goers are now rented out for a longer period, most accommodations this year will be outside of the city center, but still, not far away.

All activities will be organized in such a way (uninterrupted program from 11 am to 6 pm) that you can all have your afternoon rest&chill before evening milonga.

The taxi fee for the furthest apartments (up to 20 min walking distance from the center) will be approximately 2€ (less if shared with other people, of course). There is an extra quality to those apartments: beautiful nature all around.


Prices of accommodation unit per night

Single room

25 - 30€

Double rooms

25 - 35€

Triple rooms

28 - 40€

Two beds apartment

35 - 45€

Three beds apartment

35 - 50€

Four beds apartment

40 - 60€

Five beds apartment

50 - 70€

Six beds apartment

60 - 75€

Seven beds apartment

70 - 80€

Eight beds apartment

80 - 90€

More about accommodation

Also, there are plenty of apartments with three and more beds at a higher price based on their quality, location, etc.

In case you don’t have a group and don’t plan on being in a single room, we suggest you try and find roommates for the tango camp through the Facebook group

We will strive to accommodate those who register solo but wish to be in an apartment together with other people due to prices or any other reason. However, these situations can be very complex as everyone has their dates of arrival and departure, and sometimes it isn’t possible to make a good match.

More about accommodation


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