Summer tango camp

10 - 28. July 2024


Kolašin, Montenegro

Do you know about the Legend? Maybe you have experienced it, or you have heard the story. The adventurous tango retreat in the mountains of Montenegro! Tango and much more in the breathtaking nature with hundreds of tanguer@s at extremely affordable prices. Join us for the unforgettable adventure!

ABOUT Summer tango camp

Summer Tango Camp, Kolašin, Montenegro, is a super affordable event for all those who love combining tango, mountains, adventures, and having a fun time!
If you have ever dreamt about how one tango community, or any community, could look like in the best scenario, chances are that you can experience it in reality at the Tango Camp.

All generations, all nationalities, all dancing levels, singles, couples, families – together we create a big happy tango tribe.

During 19 days, the Tango Natural team and this charming small mountain town, host several hundreds of participants from all over the globe. You’ll get to share tango and other body-and-soul-related programs, along with many outdoor activities, fresh mountain air, good countryside food, and comfortable apartments/hotel rooms!


The whole event lasts more than 2 weeks, but you can choose when to come and when to leave – arrange your own tango retreat! Over the years, many participants stayed for the duration of the whole Tango camp, while some of them used to join us for three-four days, to get a taste of all the various activities. The average stay was 9 days, but whatever you choose, you will regret not staying longer.

The main idea of the camp is to harmonically combine all types of tango and non-tango activities on a daily basis, with all the numerous opportunities the town of Kolašin and the surrounding nature have to offer.

One of the best things about this event is that you do not have to register for any specific program in advance. What does this mean? You book a daily pass which allows you to choose on the spot which activity you want to take, even 5 minutes before it starts. No partner needed, and no pre-registration: you just go with the flow and take the best of your day!


Dynamic night milongas
Sport climbing
Live music events
Tango classes
Argentine folklore
Music workshops
Yoga classes
Meditation, bodywork...
Nontango parties
Activities for kids
Outdoor milongas
Tango aerobics classes
Hiking tours
Horse riding
Adventure park
Contact improvisation
Tango lectures

About Activities

Many of these activities will be available every, or almost every day. Some of them will repeat every few days. The precise program will be announced on the spot (every 3 days in advance) since the outdoor activities depend on the weather. In any case, you can count on around 10 different activities per day.

Of course, the official program is followed by many informal activities, and lots of fun, since everything happens in the small town of Kolašin, which gets conquered by hundreds of tanguer@s from all around the world.

You can enjoy all the other tourist attractions the town and its surrounding have to offer, such as rafting in the Tara river, jeep safari, speleology, etc. These are not organized by the Tango camp but by the local tourist agencies.

Leisure time! Don’t worry – you can always choose to be lazy and in good company. Whether it’s taking a long coffee break, badminton and frisbee, playing cards, stargazing, jam sessions, or just chilling in the fresh air.

participation fee

A highly dynamic program with affordable prices supported by Tango Natural and partners

1 - 3 days


per day

4 - 6 days


per day

7 - 10 days


per day

11+ days


per day

* Anyone younger than 26 has a 30% discount

** For non-dancers, price per day is 5€, for children under 14 is free


  • After you register you will receive payment information from us.
  • It is only possible to buy daily tickets, there is no option for partial payment of activities.
  • The daily fee includes all activities listed above, except for horseback riding, the adventure park, cycling, and spa which are paid additionally.
  • For all outdoor activities that require transportation, as well as ski-lift rides, entrance to the national park, etc. there will be additional costs. We’ll make sure that all tango camp participants get the lowest possible prices.
  • Listed prices are valid for registrations done through the website.
  • Whoever shows up without previous registration will be paying a 50% higher fee than those who register on the website.
  • If, for some reason, you are paying at the venue, you will retain the right to these prices if the length of your stay is not drastically shorter than the one you registered for, as follows:
    • More than one day for registrations up to seven days.
    • More than two days for registrations over seven days.
  • If you want our help in finding cheaper accommodation, please register until June 20! After that date, you will book your accommodation on your own, in which case you can expect higher prices.
  • If you choose to extend your stay the price will be corrected according to the price list.
Important Notes

DID you know?



Kolašin is a charming town nestled in the midst of dense and well-preserved beech forests, part of the NATURA 2000 network. Kolašin is well connected to the rest of Montenegro via the Platije Canyon and the new highway from Podgorica, ensuring easy access.

Biogradsko Jezero

Biogradska Gora

Biogradsko jezero is in Biogradska Gora National Park, within the Kolašin municipality. It's one of Europe's last three virgin forests, offering a natural environment. The lake, with its crystal-clear water and mountain scenery is popular among nature lovers.


Tara River Canyon

The Tara River Canyon, in Durmitor National Park, is one of the world's deepest, reaching 1,300 meters. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site, known for its natural beauty and clean waters. The Tara River is famed as "The tear of Europe" for its purity.

New Highway

New Highway

The new highway from Podgorica to Kolašin has significantly reduced travel time to around 40 minutes. This accessibility benefits tourists, especially those arriving at the main airport in Montenegro. The highway offers scenic views, enhancing the travel experience.


Old Railway

The old railway between Podgorica and Kolašin provides a scenic journey through the Morača River Canyon. Covering 72 km, the trip takes about 75 minutes by train. With a 900m altitude difference, the route offers stunning views and historical significance.

Around 700 people visited the camp during its 16 days, on the previous edition of the event
People from 6 continents, over 30 countries and 90 plus cities worldwide visited the camp
The average stay was 9 days out of the 16 days that the camp lasted on the last edition of the event
More than 50 newcomers made their first tango steps at the special classes for complete beginners

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Municipality Kolasin
Municipality Kolašin Montenegro
Ministery of Culture
Ministry of Tourism, Ecology, Sustainable Development and Northern Region Development
High School
High school Braća Selić Kolašin
Elementary School
 Primary school Risto Manojlović Kolašin


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